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Inspired by Grace is a 501(c)(3) community outreach organization serving Toledo, NW Ohio and SE Michigan. Our primary goal is to reduce stigma and increase awareness of the issue of suicide and the many paths that can lead up to its contemplation, such as mental health and substance use disorders.

Our group is comprised of like-minded individuals from various backgrounds including people in recovery, mental health professionals, law enforcement and county officials, members of faith-based communities, suicide attempt and loss survivors, and family members dealing with the aftermath of addiction or death.


Our mission involves working with a wide variety of agencies, advocates, and groups to educate and empower our community and to help families and individuals find both the peer and professional support they need. Supporting and educating law enforcement and other first responders on the importance of exercising good mental health self-care and utilizing the confidential resources available to them, when needed, is also high on our agenda.

We believe that connection and relatability are some of the key elements of effective prevention education and support programs. Therefore, we place high importance on involving individuals willing to share their own life experiences, while providing a supportive atmosphere with positive and consistent encouragement, that is aimed at inspiring hope and empowering others.


Being able to recognize that someone is troubled or struggling, and then taking the time to reach out to that individual, can make a world of difference in whether they seek treatment and counseling. Understanding factors such as bullying, loss and grief, addiction, loneliness and depression, domestic violence, and abuse can provide insight into what brings people to such a dark place that they see suicide as the only answer.


If you or someone you know needs support or information, or you have an interest in joining us in our prevention efforts, please contact us by email or phone.

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